Up Coming Events

Jivan Sandesh - Up Coming Events 2023

  1. Multiledia - Jivan Sandesh Application
    • ‘Manna’ Program will be uploaded
    • ‘Nitimalana Manohar Manka’ script will be recorded in the voice of Mr.Suman Christian
    • Audios of the videos published on Youtube will be uploaded in the Jivan Sandesh Appplication
    • For Daily Devotion 2023, ‘Pruthvi Parna Sargiya Dino’ book will be used and an audio will be uploaded aily.
  2. God Jivan Sandesh YouTube Channel
    • New Episodes have been uploaded till March 2023
    • Rev. Winfred Amin will continue the teachings on ‘Sermon on the mount’ and Rev. Stavan Christian will continue the teachings on Psalm
    • Rev. Linus Desai, Rev Robinson Christian, Ps. Elkan Christian, Mrs. Ritaben Christian, Mr. Madhubhai Christian and Rev. Smita Rozia will teach on new subjects.
    • A new series ‘8 Days with Jesus’ will be telecasted during Passion Week. Video recordings will be completed by February for the same.
  3. Follow-up
    • Online teaching through ZOOM application on ‘Shishyapana ni rachna’ book
    • Online study on ‘Jivan Pustak’ by Mrs. Ritaben for the participants of Mahila Shibir 2022
    • To follow up with the 500 contacts whom the cards were sent before Christmas.
    • Visit - Juda, Rajasthan in the month of April
    • Seeker Seminar for brothers - 30th Sept to 3rd October, 2023 at Lead Center.
  4. Discipleship
    • Seminar on How to Study Bible? Om 15-16 August for South Gujarat at Bharuch
    • Shishyata Jagruti Parishad - 2024 will be held for Gujarat State
  5. Marriage Enrichment Seminar
    • Four marriage enrichment seminars will be held during the year with different topics. – 29th Jan2023,  9th July 2023, 5th Nov2023
    • Seminars will be held as per the invitations from churches
  6. Nari Jivan Sanchar
    • Retreat for women will be held on 2nd July,2023. (Speaker: Ms. Priyalben Christian)
    • A seminar on 2:7 Series will be held for the women of Ahmedabad area from 30th Sept to 2nd October 2023.
    • We will meet poor families and widow sisters with Christmas love gifts to help them in the month of December
    • Various women bible study groups are active under the leadership of Mrs. Rita Christian
  7. Jivan Sandesh Prayer Day
    • On 7th March, 2023 from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Beulah Alliance Church

Note: The above-mentioned programs (Retreat/Semiars) will be conducted keeping in mind the Covid-19 guidelines issued by the government of India and Gujarat. Also, depending on the situation they might be cancelled or postponed.