Women Empowerment

Jivan Sandesh - Women Empowerment

Vision :

To empower and encourage women to grow in godliness, hope and abundant life and to equip them to be effective and efficient in different areas of their life.

Mission :

To inspire women to grow in the assurance, hope and abundant life provided by the living God. To equip women to face the challenges in their spiritual, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, economical and family life. To develop and guide women to grow in their skills, gifts and talents in order to motivate them to grow in their self-worth and self-respect.

Goals :

To teach and train women to grow toward spiritual maturity
To guide and encourage women to get actively involved in their local Churches
To guide women in the area of relationship building in family life and help them to find solution to their conflicts in the family.
To teach and train mothers in the area of Child rearing, hygiene and health.
To understand the difficulties and confusions of women of different age group and help them accordingly.
To help and guide working women to face their challenges in their work place.
To help young girls in their major decisions of life such as carrier, marriage, job etc.
To help young widows in their struggle and the challenges they are facing in life
To help and guide needy women to become self supported and self employed
To encourage and train women to get involved in building lives of other women and to share their blessings with others.