A small seed of a 15 minute Gujarati Radio Broadcast was planted by The Christian and Missionary Alliance in October 1962 under the leadership of Rev & Mrs. Elmer Entz to spread the good news of peace, joy and love. Thus Jivan Sandesh Ministry (JSM) was born in October 1962.It began to grow by the grace of God. We began our Hindi Radio Broadcast in 2000 along with Gujarati broadcast. At present we are producing three Gujarati and two Hindi radio broadcast of 15 minutes each per week. In1979 a systematic teaching program was developed to help those who wanted to know more about the good news of the gospel. Over the years it was developed in to six different levels follow-up program in Gujarati and Hindi languages.

In 1983 we came across the discipleship teaching and training material of The 2:7 Series prepared by The Navigators for spiritual growth and maturity. After studying it thoroughly and field tested it for four years, Jivan Sandesh began Discipleship training Ministry in 1987 to equip and empower the followers of Jesus Christ to walk in the steps of their Guru-Jesus Christ (i.e.to equip them to Walk the Talk). Since 1987 we have conducted 100+ seminars to train and equip followers of Jesus Christ to be true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and to reproduce more disciples. At present we have the tool of 2:7 Series in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages. We are conducting discipleship training seminar in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages in different parts of our country.

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